The World Of Self Dependence..


Every now and then , people come across such times in life when they have no one to look for assistance. These are the times when you understand that you were sent for yourself not for the one you most cared for. Self dependency is a must thing to survive in this world. You can never rely on someone who once helped you. He might now be so occupied in helping himself that he will not even bother to just listen about your misery.

Also, if once you were a helping hand to someone doesn’t necessarily mean that the same person will assist you in your indurate times. This world is jammed with such people, the sooner one realizes it the better it is. Be proud you served someone for the good, but next time remember when in Rome, do as the Romans and never bother about it.

Sooner or later , after having such experiences one believes that it’s not others who are responsible to make him happy , it’s just himself who he can rely on. And that’s true. Self reliance is an important key to success which has to be realized by everyone and those who apply it in their lives are the happiest people on earth.

Unfortunately the male dominance all around the world makes woman rely on her man too much. She thinks it’s love and love means making him the centre of all her attention and that her every minute issue could only be solved if he gave a damn about it. A teen girl who knows nothing about the world considers her boyfriend as a super hero, who would take her out of every trouble. Now what happens when that same super hero stops coming to her rescue?

When he hits her with the ball of fire and offers her a check on reality and abandons her for his selfish means. That’s when the fantasy gets over for her and she steps into the real world. Furthermore, there is no one who hears her weep all night, no one offers a single hug to make her feel better. All she is ever left with is herself and eventually she passes through it all by herself.

Later when she gets over that phase and looks back to see herself , she realizes how far she has come and then acknowledges that there definitely was a super woman too , which was within herself.

So those people who are somehow suffering should realize how fruitful it is to depend on themselves and expect no one to even stand in your shoe for even a second . Recognize yourself and go for what’s best for you. Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.



4 thoughts on “The World Of Self Dependence..

  1. Very wise thoughts. Adversity and hard times come to us to help us bring out the strength and courage within. I agree with you, there are many times in our lives when the only person we can depend on is ourselves, and when those moments come, the hero or heroine withing gets a chance to surface.

    Happy blogging!


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