The Sky


So many world views


Produce such great tributes


Man yearns for sights


At least once before he dies


They are all exquisite


Stand tall in their might


But simply nothing can side


The beautiful sky




Man builds high buildings


He climbs mountain peaks


Constructs vast mansions


Stands back and proudly sees


What he does not realize


Is the fact that he chases


Heights and mountains


For closeness to the sky




The sea shows a panorama


The jungle shows a collage


The mountain shows a vantage


The fire seems to dance


All under and towards the sky




Wars are waged


And victories celebrated


Humans put on show


Their incredible morals at play


Histories are produced


And evolution transforms life


There stands a witness so robust and high


The ultimate sky, the bearing sky




It could be the endlessness


It could be the domain


It could be the infinity


Of what the open can seize


Man has always been prone


To curiosity of the unknown


The canopy appeals to him


For what lies above his own


The relentless sky




The look of the exotic


Makes all men sigh


But the eyes get tired


And the pleasure eventually dies


What always remains Is the sigh of relief


The painful heave The burst of grief


When man breaks down


Under the open sky




Maybe that’s why God promised


A life after death


To fulfill the craving


To put the human soul at rest


To finally let them


Fly beyond the sky







She feels the tips of his fingers slipping away

And savors his sight as he leaves

A pang of sorrow grips her heart

But she has to encounter the grief

Patience and belief are now a part of her life

She is, after all, a soldier’s wife


As she goes about the days

A month has passed

She recalls when she felt him and heard him last

“I love you”, he said and embraced her tight

Then he set out to fulfill a nation’s right

It is this security that she longs to bribe

She is, after all, a soldier’s wife


The trees change shades and the weather changes form

365 days have passed all along

As she looks in the mirror her hair has grown long

He used to play with them and sing merry songs

The fear has drained away and the worry has worn

She knows he may never come back how worst can it be

She would spend her life smiling with pride

She was, after all, a soldier’s wife


The doorbell rings and she stirs awake

She has stopped counting days and lives for God’s sake

Something in her heart makes her guilty of hope

She waives it off and runs to get the door

The sight on the other side strikes her dumb

He touches her hand but they have gone numb

She treats him like a dream which has gone extreme

She thinks this is so and tries to move away

He brings her closer and she hears him breathe

For a moment she dares to think he is real

It is then his voice which brings her back to life

She is, after all, a soldier’s wife





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