Love Takes Over Again…


She lay on her bed, all wrapped up in the blanket of her warm thoughts, she realized that it had been long she felt it that way. Few months back, all she ever felt was betrayed and broken. And now suddenly the feeling of completeness is back to her, the blood from heart that once oozed out has now filled back in. The dim dawn light from her window falls on her white skin, and she smiles dizzily looking at the bluish white sky with her tired eyes, it had been all night.

She reached for her phone and reads the whole conversation again and again. It had been all night that she was busy texting with the man of her dreams. She frowns at all her thoughts and wonders whether everything she is thinking is going to work this time out. Then she lies back, close her eyes, and murmurs to herself “have faith… just have faith”.

The three months crucial period she had been through, all she was struggling to give up on was the same man. She misunderstood him for betraying her, for being treated like a trash, for being thrown away. Then she thought, misunderstood? Did I misunderstand him? Was that a breakup or a break? All these blended speculations about the chance had kept her awake from sleeping.

It’s so weird, she thought. How can one feel two different things about the same person? She resented him but still admired him, she wanted to dismiss him from her mind but could she possibly do it? She sighed and left the bed of cerebration to let her out into the open air.

 The balcony was the only place where she thought brainwork could possibly be done, and at this moment all she needed to involve was her brain not her heart. She closed her eyes and took a deep long breath, inhaling the clean morning air along with the wetness of flowers dew. Everything around her inspired her evermore and above all the supernatural love she had for him overwhelmed that everything.

Up till now all she was wondering was whether he is worth a second chance. But her mind had already started making plans for her future with him. She yawns tiredly realizing it’s a waste to even be thinking so much because all that she thinks does not matter as soon as she sees the tenderness in his eyes for her. And when he grabs her in his arms without even knowing how badly she craved for it, the walls she tried to draw already breaks.

She laughs and face the freshest rays of the sun, illuminating herself , knowing where this feeling leads her and yet letting it take over her like she is ready , like she is strong enough again. That all they had been through were merely misunderstandings which may occur over and over but may not always lead them to where they always lead to.

The loud horn of the car breaks her meditation and she looks down her balcony, her sleepy tired face splits into a big smile and she waves at him. And there he stood, waving a bunch of fresh flowers at her with the recognized smile she always adored. She smiles back and wonders, “can you stop killing me already?”.




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