Candid Confessions

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                             Letter to my future husband




As I sit here to write this letter to you in my sweat pants and T- shirt, I realize that sooner or later this will not be my attire as I will be your wife and an elegant lady, not a lost ball in high weeds. I will have responsibilities because my life will then belong to you, like yours will belong to me, which is not the case yet since I have no idea where you are at the moment.


Probably the stranger that just crossed the road was you or probably you have not appeared in front of me yet. Whatever be the case, when you do come at the right moment, I guess I will never have to fine tooth comb you because you are meant to be there for me and its God’s decision not mine.


My intention behind writing this letter is that I want to express myself to you which I might not be able to do in person and also because I suddenly had an urge of writing this letter. So that when I say “I do” in the beautiful white gown, I can hand it over to you and you may get a better understanding of the person I am.


Right now I see myself as a total mess, but I have to tell you I will always be a mess because I like it this way. I like being crazy and I would want to make you the same but no matter how idiotic I behave at times, I will always deliver the goods and never let you down.


Sometimes we may quarrel for nothing, it can be on you or me, but we will resolve it because I am not very hard to deal with, a nice sincere talk would do.


I am a 20 year old at the moment but boy trust me I have experienced things. I have been in love and then been heartbroken because of it, those were the times when I was a rolling stone which gathered no moss and I deeply apologize if that offends you.


But I vow to you that it was the past and it is over now. I am sure you have a past too and I would request you to leave it behind because I believe in making our present and future brighter.


Life has never been smooth for anybody and we being a couple will have our dark days too but I will treat you as a man of my own heart and I would hope for you to do the same.


All I can ever demand from you is to love me like you never loved anybody. I want you to respect me and my opinion about life. I want you to cherish me like I will cherish you.


I can be emotional at times and would behave like a riddle, all puzzled and enigmatic but I expect you to deal with it. I expect you to just listen to me if you cannot really help doing anything else but only listen and let me pour it out because it helps a lot. Do I demand too much?


As far as I m concerned, I will give you all that u need and if I ever lack in any aspect please forgive me, it would never be my intention. I will be easy on you, if I ever have any problems with you I will talk to you about it instead of testing your mind reading skills.  You can also express yourself to me and consider me your best friend.


I promise you, I will never let you regret what we have. I will never fail us and I want you to do the same.


Yours and only yours,


Wife to be



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