On The Dark Side


The word humanity has now been replaced with brutality. It has been known that, humans are like animals except that they possess an organ called the “brain” which is far more efficient than other creatures. Though with time it has also been proven that humans are not just ‘like’ animals but that they ‘are’ savagely zoological.

The reason I highlighted the brain is because how often, do we proud humans make worthy use of it? Brains teach people to read, write and invent which is appreciable. Now the same agent is also enabling humans destroy other humans merely for power which is worldly and will not accompany us in the hereafter.

Brutalism is at its peak all over the world. The Israel-Gaza war is a recent case in point which has caused deaths with such savageness that the mind also finds hard to comprehend. Regardless of logical reasons, whatever the conflict started over had nothing to do with Gazan children and women. Why didn’t the battle take place at a battle field? Is it justified to throw bombs on people’s residences, kill the unborn in their mother’s womb, execute the children and deprive Palestine of an entire generation?

Brutality has become so widespread that it is now passable by people.Though mass social media declaring “I support Gaza” did reflect strong support on part of the common people, but all the Middle Eastern power greedy nations were quite when the cries of Gazan children echoed, no Muslim countries apart from a couple sent aid to their fellow Muslim brothers.

Lust for power has destroyed homes and lives but what desirous leaders tend to ignore is that what happened at Gaza might someday happen to the same country that they rule at the moment.

Same is the case of my motherland, Pakistan. Suicide attacks, murders, target killings of innocent individuals has now become so common that we Pakistanis don’t panic at all after hearing such dreadful news on the television. People don’t find anything new ,” it’s a routine that that ten to twenty people die on the streets of Pakistan” says a man who comes home exhausted after work, sitting in front of the television fulfilling his political curiosities while listening to talk shows.

Such responses show that people have become immune to this extreme exposure of brutality. It has become inadequate to treat such things as a sign of danger. The criminal series very popular on television these days further become encouraging for ruthless people. They teach creative murder techniques and appealing handsome criminals who seem to be so intelligent that people feel attracted to such characters of the play.

Trust me all of this is not cool at all. I hope and pray that people take a brave stand against these savage criminals and may God melt the hearts of those who have become frozen with complacency.  Let’s make the world, which is only a place of temporary existence, a place where people can live in harmony and die a natural death with relief.