The Beautiful Sky


So many world views

Produce such great tributes

Man yearns for sights

At least once before he dies

They are all exquisite

Stand tall in their might

But simply nothing can side

The beautiful sky

Man builds high buildings

He climbs mountain peaks

Constructs vast mansions

Stands back and proudly sees

What he does not realize

Is the fact that he chases

Heights and mountains

For closeness to the sky

The sea shows a panorama

The jungle shows a collage

The mountain shows a vantage

The fire seems to dance

All under and towards the sky


Wars are waged

And victories celebrated

Humans put on show

Their incredible morals at play

Histories are produced

And evolution transforms life

There stands a witness so robust and high

The ultimate sky, the bearing sky

It could be the endlessness

It could be the domain

It could be the infinity

Of what the open can seize

Man has always been prone

To curiosity of the unknown

The canopy appeals to him

For what lies above his own

The relentless sky

The look of the exotic

Makes all men sigh

But the eyes get tired

And the pleasure eventually dies

What always remains, is the sigh of relief

The painful heave, the burst of grief

When man breaks down

Under the open sky

Maybe that’s why God promised

A life after death

To fulfill the craving

To put the human soul at rest

To finally let them

Fly beyond the sky



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